Sunday, July 18, 2010

My bridesmaids bring all the boys to the yard

So, things have slightly changed since I last posted.  We've decided that the dark blues, purples, and reds don't really match the summery wedding we're throwing.  So, the color palette is now green, yellow, and orange to match a citrus-infused reception. 

With that said, I went shopping with all six of my beautiful bridesmaids last Thursday, and their dresses have been purchased!  Before venturing to Alfred Angelo, I had perused their website for dresses that I thought were cute, fun, and would be flattering on all of them.  Upon arrival, we met with Stephanie (who was sweet as pie) and showed her some dresses in the catalogue that we liked.  We picked out several styles, and Stephanie picked out similar styles she thought would look good as well. 

Then the trying on part came.  I must say, I think they looked pretty darn cute in all of them!

Bridesmaid LLB and Bridesmaid K shown below in what was the second option.  Bridesmaid R shown in a lovely brown chiffon dress, but we decided to stick with a silk/satin material.

As cute as those dresses were, we went with the original style that we chose, and it came in the color we wanted, Shamrock!

Bridsmaids LLB, R, and K in their absolutely sexy yet classy bridesmaid dresses!  Not shown below are Bridesmaids D, LEB, and C, who looked equally sexy and classy in their dresses as well!

 After everyone being individually sized and registered, it was time to check out.  Little did we know, we'd be read our "dress buying miranda rights".  No lie!  All of the bridesmaids were asked to gather around the check out counter where the manager read them their buyer's contract.  It was slightly intense and even more annoying.  We all decided we needed some sangria afterward, so we headed to Bertucci's

Bridesmaids R, K, LEB, C, D, and me!  

This was my favorite part of the night.  Three pitchers of sangria were consumed, along with lots of yummy Italian food!  These are the moments I'm most looking forward to during the wedding planning process.  Spending timem with my best friends, making the most of the next year! 

A special "thank you" to all of them.  They have been and continue to be the most supportive friends I could ask for, and I'm so thankful for them! 


  1. Love the bridemaids dresses! Especially the color!

  2. Lizzard, you're taste is impeccable ;)