Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Entry 1

So, I finally sent out an e-mail to my gorgeous wedding party with a spreadsheet of their contact information and a proposition of when our first bridesmaid dress shopping extravaganza will be.  For now, we're looking at July 15th to meet for a quick bite to eat and then start the search for what will hopefully be the perfect bridesmaid dress.  One of my bridesmaid's has taken this challenge on, as she is quite the fashionista.  She has chosen several dresses from both David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo that I think will be flattering on the entire group (as if anything could possibly look bad on them, right?!?!).  What has not yet been chosen are the colors of the dresses.  I love the idea of having several colors that they can choose from, maybe three colors so there are two of every color or two colors so there are three of each color, somewhat of this inspiration

I'm excited about the first event with my bridesmaids, and can't wait to see what dresses they pick out! 

To my brides, brides-to-be, and friends who've been bridesmaids, how were your "bridesmaid dress shopping" experiences?  Did you include any original and unique ideas into your bridal party attire? 


  1. Just watch out for David's Bridal and make sure they order the right dresses!!! I had that problem with our wedding, we picked out awesome dresses and when they came in they were completely wrong!! Had a major fight with them over it and had to order new dresses...just make sure you write down the part number yourself and not rely on them!!!

  2. One of my best bridesmaid experiences was from a wedding that actually didn't happen (true story).

    Similar to your different color idea, this bride selected one color but the bridesmaids were able to chose different dress cuts. As a girl with a rather unproportionate body type - this made experience SO MUCH better. I even contemplated keeping the dress even though the wedding didn't happen.

  3. I also love the idea of similar color palette and totally different dresses (as seen below)