Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We like to party, we like, we like to party!

So I may have mentioned in an earlier post that two of my girlfriends in my close "circle of friends" got engaged a couple weeks prior to me.  Several of our other friends in our "circle friends" are in our bridal parties and four of them decided to host an engagement party in our honor! 

If this was a precursor to how fun our weddings will be, holy moly! 

The party was hosted by four of my lovely bridesmaids, Doodle, Laura, Christina, and Kari.  It was a backyard barbeque with hamburgers, hot dogs, dips, dessert, and most importantly lots of booze!  All of the decorations were done in black and yellow (Yay Randolph-Macon!).  They had cute little streamers and bows along the picket fence, we each had wine goblets and beer steins with our monograms on them, and a capital initial that corresponded with our new last name that was accompanied by a glass dish of candles and river rocks.  It was so sweet!  I'm literally getting teary-eyed thinking about how much love and thought went into this shindig...

The party was "officially" kicked off with a toast from the hosts (with the most, haha, I had to) to the engaged couples.  From there, food was eaten, beverages were downed, and yard games were played.  The night was filled with catching up with friends, Allen's groomsmen talking about when Allen and I first met, and how much fun our weddings are going to be. 

To the hosts:  I cannot thank you all enough for throwing us such a wonderful party.  Everyone in attendance had a fabulous time, and it makes me even more excited for the wedding(s)!  You are the best friends an engaged lady could ask for. ;)

Some pictures from the party below...

Me and Bridesmaid LLB.  She gave Allen and I a very thoughtful gift: a certificate to Wawa (where we got engaged!)

Me and Matt, a good friend!

Me and my main squeeze (after much wine and loaded coronas) <3

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