Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting inspired...

So I finally took the plunge, I made an inspiration board!  I've been wanting to do this, and I think it was finally time now that I've solidified a few things in the last couple of weeks.  I have officially replaced the green, yellow, and orange modern and clean theme with a more bold and romantic green, ivory/white, and purple.  The reason for this:  my Mom and I went to a flower show at Vogue and could not stop talking about the purple flowers on display.  They showed us tons of flowers, roses, hydrangeas, orchids, greenery, anything you can think of.  But we were drooling over the sweet pea, gladiolus, stock, hypericum berries, delphinium, bells of ireland, and lisanthius, all that came in greens, purples, and whites.  So, right then and there at the Vogue flower show, we changed the colors!  A few weeks later, I had a "phone meeting" with a potential florist and mother of one of my bridesmaids and she was totally on board with the green, purple, and white color scheme.  We both determined that working with the new color scheme would provide a lot more options. 

Without further adieu, here's my inspiration board!

Counter clockwise starting with the top left picture, here's the explanation behind the inspiration:

Candle centerpieces:  There will be tables inside the main ballroom with very similar centerpieces.  Lots of candles, giving a very romantic ambiance to the room. 
White bouquet:  This is what my bridal bouquet will resemble.  Lots of textures, different shades of white, different size and height blooms, I love it!
Purple centerpieces:  There will be several tall centerpieces that will resemble this one.  Love them!
Cake:  I'm not a cake person, but if I have to have one it has to be pretty and simple, like this one!  Buttercream icing with simple little dots of buttercream on the bottom of each tier.  Perfect!
Lit house:  This is the actual venue at night, and it portrays the exact feel I want it to have the night of our wedding.  Warm, glowing...ahh I can't wait!
Rings:  This is almost an exact replica of my engagement ring and wedding band, that I'm clearly in love with!
Bride and bridesmaids:  The focus of this picture is on the bridesmaid dresses.  They are the exact shade of shamrock as the dresses my beautiful maids will be wearing. 
Flower arbor:  I love this grapevine and flower arbor.  It is so organic and romantic, I hope we can re-create the look.
Tuxedo:  After much deliberation, I think Allen and I have agreed on a khaki-colored tuxedo.  He's going to look super fly! 

Did you put together an inspiration board?  How did it compare to the actual execution of your big day?

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